A Networking Event for Credit Union Marketing Directors

What would your credit union’s marketing look like if you could collaborate with the most successful marketers?

If you had access to the best minds in the industry?

What if it cost you nothing… because one of those best minds is your own?

Welcome to a brand-new concept in taking your social media game to the next level. The CU Marketing Hero Summit. So much more than a conference, this can’t-miss event gives you an opportunity to learn and mingle with social media marketing experts, give and gain insights about marketing fundamentals that you’ve found success with all along, brainstorm new ways to add value to your members, and take your credit union’s marketing to stratospheric success.

Round Table Discussions

Discuss topics YOU select, participate in group activities and interactive sessions. Fun for marketers of any level.


Network with credit union marketers from across the United States, participate in panel discussions and present your most successful marketing campaign to your peers.

Social Media Crash Course

Teach your kids (and your team) a thing or two about social media, how to harness the potential of Facebook and increase engagement.

Event Schedule

Final Schedule TBD

Tuesday, November 12


Pre-Conference Optional add-on: Social Media Certification: The Crash Course

Teach your kids a thing or two when you get home. Learn answers to the following questions and more:

How do I harness the potential of Facebook? What can I do to increase engagement?

  • What types of posts get the best engagement? And why?
  • What can I be doing in under 5 minutes per day to increase engagement on FB?
  • What ways can I learn about my audience to better serve them?
  • How can I share financial education in a way people want to like and share it?

What the heck is going on with SnapChat? Millennials are on there, how do I...

  • Use SnapChat stories?
  • Launch polls and engage users in SnapChat stories?
  • Increase my following on SnapChat?
  • Promote products and financial literacy information in a relevant way for the platform?

What should I be doing on Instagram to increase followers and engagement? How do I...

  • Increase followers on Instagram?
  • Use IG Stories and what should I be doing on them?
  • Post in a way that doesn’t pose reputational risk?
  • Increase membership among millennials and upsell other products among first-timers in a way that feels native to the platform?

And Twitter! I need to tackle this platform, how do I...

  • Repurpose content from other platforms for Twitter in seconds per day?
  • Use hashtags strategically to increase engagement?
  • Use strategic partnerships to efficiently spread our message?
  • Avoid reputational risk while maintaining a dialogue?

General Questions, how do I...

  • Use one piece of content across all platforms in a relevant way
  • Feel confident knowing all of the unspoken norms, rules, and best practices for each platform? I don’t want to do something wrong!
  • Communicate to my leadership team the ways that we’re guarding against reputational risk
  • Harness the fundamentals I know in this new social media world to get past the 10k follower mark (even for a small CU) to be the marketing Hero I know I am?

  • Early Bird: $599

    Regular Admission: $799


Lunch is included. Local neighborhood favorite delivery!


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Keynote Address, Opening Session

The State of Credit Union Marketing
Based on extensive research, this 45-minute session gives you a clear picture of what credit unions throughout the US are doing, what’s working, what trends they’re seeing and how they’re responding to stay ahead of the curve. You’ll get the published report, as well as key takeaways you can immediately implement at your credit union.



Join a Mastermind group of brainstormers and pick the topic of your choice: Social Media, SEGs, Video Content, Name Change, Rebranding, Loan Campaigns

Wednesday, November 13


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Taking Your Member Experience to The Next Level

Evaluate YOUR OWN CREDIT UNION’S member experience, and walk out with a plan for improving it in a few easy steps.
Amber Mooney, Manager of Member Experience at TruEnergy FCU
Today’s marketers have enough on their plates without having to worry about what members “experience” when they walk through the doors of your credit union or log onto your website. But…is that really a luxury? What good is marketing, after all, if you haven’t even earned a second date with a new member? In this session, Amber Mooney, Manager of Member Experience at TruEnergy FCU, walks you through a quick--but thorough--evaluation of the actual member experience at your credit union. Using an exclusive checklist Ms. Mooney created exclusively for this conference, you’ll walk out with a clear, written vision for your credit union. You’ll also have a prioritized list of what needs to be improved, and why, plus targeted ideas for quick and easy implementation.




Video Content

Option 1: Create your own video! You'll not only learn how to create, promote, and achieve your goals through custom videos about your credit union, you'll actually create a video in this session. Bring 10 photos of the credit union with you to the conference - on a smartphone, tablet or laptop and plan to return home with a video you'll be proud to share with members.

Option 2: Develop a video mindset. If you're already doing video content, this session will help you take your videos from good to exceptional. Feeling brave? Show your own videos to our presenter for instant and brutally honest critique!


Lunch & Networking

Mix it up--sit with someone you don’t know! You’ll get 3 questions to discuss with newly met credit union marketers, guaranteed to give you a fresh perspective, as well as new ideas, for your marketing! Using your HERO notebook, you can jot down notes as well as exchange contact info to keep the conversation going.


Social Media Marathon

In this engaging session, the highlight of the conference, you’ll get to schedule daily posts from now through Jan 1, 2020! With access to a special CUcontent site exclusive to conference attendees, and licensing rights to 40 features from CUcontent, subscribers will help you find the content that’s best for your credit union. Schedule the posts, and you’re set through the holidays!


Speed networking on the beach

5 minutes per contact. 1 question to ask and answer each person you meet. S/he who meets and networks with the most contacts is the winner!


Roundtable Discussions

Join a roundtable on your choice of topics: Social media, Loan Volume, Member Growth, SEGs, Attracting Gen Y.


Dinner for CUcontent subscribers. Barbeque on the beach!

New signups welcome!

Thursday, November 14


Keynote Address


Create Your Own Podcasts

Take your credit union’s marketing to the next level by creating and promoting your own podcasts. It's easier than you think--you already have the tools at your fingertips. Daniel Bradshaw, who successfully produces podcasts for his own credit union, walks you through the steps, from concept through production. This 45 minute session will give you the know-how.


Social Media 2.0: Stop Counting Likes and Start Getting Results!

Option 1: Create a social media plan! By answering questions and learning what a plan is (and what it isn’t), you’ll actually create a personal social media plan for your credit union in this hands-on, interactive session.

Option 2: Create a social media presence on any media you want! In this action-packed session, you’ll learn the difference between Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter and LinkedIn, and find out what results you can expect from each one.


Lunch & Networking

Another twist on networking, you’ll meet as many people as possible in credit unions as similar to your own as possible.


Panel Discussion

Present your toughest questions to 6 marketing pros, and get answers!


Walk The Talk

Pick a partner. Take a 15-minute walk on the beach and talk about what’s on your mind in terms of marketing. Share your notes, and what you’ve learned, on the Hero Message Board. The post with the most likes wins a prize!


Learn from the Best!

10-minute case studies featuring super successful marketing campaigns from credit unions across the U.S.


Surprise Fun Activity!

You don’t want to miss this!

Friday, November 15


Breakfast & Review

What did you get from the conference? Let's keep the conversation going!


$1,299/ Person

  • Not a member? No problem, we'd love to meet you!



  • Contribute to the program and attend for FREE!

Venue Information

Marco Polo Beach Resort

19201 Collins Avenue
Sunny Isles Beach, FL 33160

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