Gvir – A New Cryptocurrency Just for Credit Unions and Their Members!
Gvir – A New Cryptocurrency Just for Credit Unions and Their Members!
Gvir – A New Cryptocurrency Just for Credit Unions and Their Members!

Engaging Younger Credit Union Members through Film and Video

August 12, 2022

As the world becomes more digitally oriented, it’s important for credit unions to keep up with the times and by using digital marketing techniques that appeal to younger generations. One way to do this is by using video and film in your marketing.

Video and film are powerful tools that can be used to attract younger audiences. By using these mediums, you can tell your credit union’s story, educate potential members, and engage current members. So, if you’re looking for ways to modernize your marketing strategy, create community, and educate your membership, consider using video and film.

Importance of Attracting Younger Credit Union Members

Here are just a few statistics that show the power of video marketing:

  • 86% of Gen Z and Millennial consumers say they’ve been convinced to buy a product or service after watching a brand’s video.
  • 64% of consumers make a purchase after watching branded social videos.
  • 87% of online marketers use video content.

As you can see, video is a powerful marketing tool that can be used to reach and engage younger audiences. So if you’re looking for ways to modernize your marketing strategy, consider using video.

Video Marketing Ideas for Credit Unions

Video and film can be used in a number of ways to market your services to Gen Z and Millennial audiences.

Here are some ideas for using video in your marketing initiatives:

1. Create a short film or video clip telling the story of your credit union and its members. This is a great way to connect with potential members on an emotional level and show them what your credit union is all about.

2. Use video to educate potential members about the benefits of credit unions. This is a great way to engage young audiences and show them how you can help them reach their financial goals.

3. Use social media platforms like YouTube and Instagram to share short videos about your credit union. This is a great way to reach younger audiences where they are spending most of their time online.

4. Host a contest or giveaway that encourages people to submit videos about their experience with your credit union. This is a great way to engage current members and get them talking about your credit union to their friends and followers.


Educational Financial Literacy Content

Another way to use video and film for marketing is by creating educational content about developing financial skills. This type of content can help credit unions stand out as a valuable resource for young people who are just starting to learn about personal finance.

There are a few different ways you can use video to create educational content for your credit union.

  • Create how-to videos that show viewers how to do things, like opening a checking account or getting a loan. This can empower your members, or potential members, to conduct personal banking by themselves, paving the way for greater independence and financial literacy.
  • Use informational videos about topics, like financial literacy or budgeting. Videos like these can help you stand out as a valuable resource.
  • Use film or video to inspire your members. Educational content can have a reputation for being boring–but it doesn’t have to be. Movies like Sally Floss: Digital Detective are not only interesting and fun, but serve as the perfect intro to personal finance and financial literacy education.
  • Create interviews with experts in the field. This could be an interview with a financial planner about saving for retirement or with a loan officer about getting a mortgage. These types of interviews can provide valuable information for viewers and help establish yourself as an expert.

Engagement and Building Community

One of the best parts of being a credit union member is the feeling of being more than just a customer. When members sign up, they aren’t just getting a bank account. They’re getting a community.

Video and film can be used to engage members and build that community feeling they crave.

Here are a few ways to increase engagement and build community:

  • Use video to tell the stories of members and showcase the work of volunteers. This is a great way to highlight the impact of the credit union on its community.
  • Use film or video to showcase the work your credit union does in the community. This is a great way to engage members while making them proud to be part of your credit union.
  • Use video to create monthly member spotlights or features. This is a great way to keep members involved and engaged with your credit union.
  • Create social media challenges. This helps engage members online, which is where Gen Z and Millenials spend a lot of their time .
  • Host events like movie nights, either in-person or virtually.

By using video and film in these ways, credit unions can make themselves more relevant and appealing to younger generations. You will stand out as a valuable resource in your community while also building a financially sound membership.

Best Practices in Using Video for Credit Unions

Here are some best practices to keep in mind when using video for credit unions:

Keep videos short and sweet. The attention span of most people, especially within younger generations, is fairly short. So, it’s important to keep videos under two minutes in length if possible. When using or showcasing film or movies, they should be under or around two hours. This helps make information easy to digest and entertaining.

Make sure videos are high quality. This doesn’t mean they need to be Hollywood-level productions, but they should be well-lit and clear. Don’t settle for shaking camera phone footage from a distance and poor audio levels.

Use captions. Videos should always have captions so viewers can understand them even if they’re watching with the sound off. Credit unions should strive to be people helping people. That means being inclusive and aware that some members may need accommodations.

Be creative. Video is a great way to show off the personality of your credit union. So have fun with it!

Provide Entertainment Value

One great way to get members interested is to provide an incredibly entertaining experience. A way to do that, as well as to highlight the credit union difference is to provide access to entertainment, including movies. CUcontent has released a new professionally produced movie called “Sally Floss: Digital Detective” that corresponds with an upcoming course. This is a great way to help to get your members excited about their financial literacy.

With the help of her friendly credit union, a spunky college student tries to tackle saving her family home, which is now at risk because of loss of income during the COVID-19 pandemic. The movie, directed by James Cullen Bressack, follows Sally as she navigates a complex mystery through virtual interviews, digital footprints, and her stunning intuition.

The family-friendly film, which showcases the theme of ‘people helping people’ has been released direct-to-consumer, but is also available through credit union distribution. “Attracting younger credit union members is more important than ever,” says Laura Enock, publisher and founder of CUcontent. “This movie is a great way to showcase the credit union difference in a fun and engaging way.”

The film, which stars Lindsay Elston, Vernon Wells, and Tara Reid, is now available on Amazon for rent or purchase.

Save Time While Increasing Engagement

Not sure where to start with video marketing? CUcontent offers an extensive library of videos that can be edited with your brand. You will have access to an entire database of video, social media graphics, blog posts, and more–all for less than the cost of a marketing intern.  Schedule a no-risk consultation here.

Before You Go

As you can see, there are many ways that credit unions can use video and film for marketing. If your credit union is looking for ways to reach a younger audience, consider using some of these techniques.

There are endless possibilities when it comes to using video and film for marketing credit unions to younger generations.

By getting creative and thinking outside-the-box, credit unions can reach new audiences and continue to grow.

What are some other ways you think credit unions could use video and film for marketing? Let us know in the comments!