In a world where change is the only constant, it takes a hero to rise above it all.

Learn from other credit union marketers and contribute YOUR OWN flavor to the event.

Think of it as a potluck dinner for good ideas. Bring your signature marketing trick to share as you present, lead a roundtable discussion, or contribute in some other way that feels comfortable. Because when you do….

...You attend for free!*

This un-conference is for CUcontent users. And, because CUcontent is limited to just 10% of the credit unions in each state… and we don’t want to limit this event… ALL credit union marketers are invited. Including YOU!

* With prior approval from CUcontent, your fee to attend will be waived. This is a peer-to-peer conference, where attendees contribute by teaching as much as they learn. Travel and lodging expenses are not covered, but budget options are available, contact us to learn more.


Not a member? No problem, we'd love to meet you!

$1,499/ Person

Early Bird Rate $1,299

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  • Contribute to the program and attend for FREE!

Optional add-on: Social Media Certification: The Crash Course

Teach your kids a thing or two when you get home. Learn answers to the following questions and more:

How do I harness the potential of Facebook? What can I do to increase engagement?

  • What types of posts get the best engagement? And why?
  • What can I be doing in under 5 minutes per day to increase engagement on FB?
  • What ways can I learn about my audience to better serve them?
  • How can I share financial education in a way people want to like and share it?

What the heck is going on with SnapChat? Millennials are on there, how do I...

  • Use SnapChat stories?
  • Launch polls and engage users in SnapChat stories?
  • Increase my following on SnapChat?
  • Promote products and financial literacy information in a relevant way for the platform?

What should I be doing on Instagram to increase followers and engagement? How do I...

  • Increase followers on Instagram?
  • Use IG Stories and what should I be doing on them?
  • Post in a way that doesn’t pose reputational risk?
  • Increase membership among millennials and upsell other products among first-timers in a way that feels native to the platform?

And Twitter! I need to tackle this platform, how do I...

  • Repurpose content from other platforms for Twitter in seconds per day?
  • Use hashtags strategically to increase engagement?
  • Use strategic partnerships to efficiently spread our message?
  • Avoid reputational risk while maintaining a dialogue?

General Questions, how do I...

  • Use one piece of content across all platforms in a relevant way
  • Feel confident knowing all of the unspoken norms, rules, and best practices for each platform? I don’t want to do something wrong!
  • Communicate to my leadership team the ways that we’re guarding against reputational risk
  • Harness the fundamentals I know in this new social media world to get past the 10k follower mark (even for a small CU) to be the marketing Hero I know I am?

  • Early Bird: $599

    Regular Admission: $799

Venue Information

Marco Polo Beach Resort

19201 Collins Avenue
Sunny Isles Beach, FL 33160

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